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Dragon*Con Podcasting 2008 - Panel 024 - Podcasting Into the Future A panel discussion with podcasters about their thoughts on what the future holds for portable media, and ideas for continuing to innovate our programs and our community.  Panelists include: George Hrab, Soccergirl, Evo Terra and J.C. Hutchins.
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Dragon*Con Podcasting 2008 - Panel 023 - The Podcast Peer Awards Ceremony Hosted by Dave Hitt, the Podcast Peer Awards are awarded to podcasters as voted upon by their peers.
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Category:2008 -- posted at: 11:05pm EDT

Dragon*Con Podcasting 2008 - Panel 022 - Why Podcasting Matters A panel discussion focusing on why we continue to be podcasters, and how we can continue to foster community in the face of a changing new media world.  Panel discussion led by Dave Slusher, participants include: Evo Terra, Christiana Ellis, Tee Morris, Michael A. Stackpole.
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Category:2008 -- posted at: 10:53pm EDT

Dragon*Con Podcasting 2008 - Panel 021 - Babbling Writers Join a jam packed panel of podcasting authors discuss what it's like to to podcast about the subject nearest and dearest to them.  Panelists include: J.C. Hutchins, Tee Morris, Mur Lafferty, PG Holyfield, Phillipa Ballantine, Michael A. Stackpole and guest appearance by Scott Sigler.
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Category:2008 -- posted at: 6:50pm EDT

Dragon*Con Podcasting 2008 - Panel 020 - What the Frel! Scapecast Live! Join the cast of The 'Scapecast, your podcast source for all things Farscape as they discuss with their listeners the upcoming Farscape webisodes and much more.
Direct download: Dragon_Con_Podcasting_2008_Panel_20_-_What_the_Frel___Scapecast_Live.mp3
Category:2008 -- posted at: 6:06pm EDT

Dragon*Con Podcasting 2008 - Panel 019 - The Signal, Live! Join the crew of the award winning The Signal podcast, with special guests from The 'Verse!  Panelists include: Kevin Bachelder, Kari Haley, Miranda Thomas, Carolyn Parkinson.
Direct download: Dragon_Con_Podcasting_2008_Panel_19_-_The_Signal_Live.mp3
Category:2008 -- posted at: 5:52pm EDT

Dragon*Con Podcasting 2008 - Panel 018 - The Brain Science Podcast, Live! Dr. Ginger Campbell and her special guests discuss advances in MRI technology and the various ongoing studies to utilize MRI in new ways.
Direct download: Dragon_Con_Podcasting_2008_Panel_18_-_Brain_Science_Podcast_Live.mp3
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Dragon*Con Podcasting 2008 - Panel 017 - What The Cast? Live! Join Brian, Crispy, Stephen and Patrick for a wild and rowdy version of their popular podcast, and discussion from behind the scenes of Dragon*Con TV.
Direct download: Dragon_Con_Podcasting_2008_Panel_17_-_What_The_Cast_Live.mp3
Category:2008 -- posted at: 5:29pm EDT

Dragon*Con Podcasting 2008 - Panel 016 - Fancasting! Learn how the tips of podcasting your fandom, and how to avoid going all "fanboy" when interviewing your favorite people.  Panelists include: Kevin Bachelder, Tabz and Emma from Buffy Between the Lines.
Direct download: Dragon_Con_Podcasting_2008_Panel_16_-_Fancasting.mp3
Category:2008 -- posted at: 4:05pm EDT

Dragon*Con Podcasting 2008 - Panel 015 - The Art of Writing for Audio Learn how to adapt your written work into a podcast or podiobook from a slate of award winning authors.  Panelists include: J.C. Hutchins, Tee Morris, Seth Harwood, Christiana Ellis and Michael A. Stackpole.
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Category:2008 -- posted at: 3:41pm EDT