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Promo: Podcasting at Dragon*Con 2007! The promo audio advertisement for Podcasting at Dragon*Con 2007!
Direct download: DC_2007_Promo.mp3
Category:2007 -- posted at: 3:38pm EDT

Show: Winging It 3-D Live! Winging It 3-D at Dragon*Con 2007 LIVE!
Direct download: DC_winginIt.mp3
Category:2007 -- posted at: 3:12pm EDT

Panel: Videocasting A round table discussion on the best ways to use your own video in podcasting, and the tips and tricks to become successful doing it!
Direct download: DC_videocasting.mp3
Category:2007 -- posted at: 3:05pm EDT

Show: The Signal LIVE! The hit podcast, 'The Signal', does their amazing podcast live in front of the audience at Dragon*Con 2007!
Direct download: DC_signal_live.mp3
Category:2007 -- posted at: 3:03pm EDT

Panel: Podcasting Your Writing A panel discussion on how to use a podcast to distribute your writing and gain more fans and readers.
Direct download: DC_podcasting_writing.mp3
Category:2007 -- posted at: 3:01pm EDT

Panel: The Podcaster UN A round table panel of podcasters from around the world, and the issues when podcasting for audiences which are multi national or from many other places in the world.
Direct download: DC_Podcasting_UN.mp3
Category:2007 -- posted at: 3:00pm EDT

Panel: Podcasting for Promotion A panel on the use of Podcasting to promote and also how to promote your own content, show or other artwork, show or work.
Direct download: DC_podcastforpromotion.mp3
Category:2007 -- posted at: 2:57pm EDT

Panel: Podcasting in the Future A round table discussion on where Podcasting is going, and what some of the experts think is the next 'big thing'.
Direct download: DC_into_future.mp3
Category:2007 -- posted at: 2:55pm EDT

Show: Geologic Podcast LIVE! George Hrab records his Geologic Podcast LIVE at Dragon*Con 2007!
Direct download: DC_George_Hrab_Live.mp3
Category:2007 -- posted at: 2:54pm EDT

Panel: Gaming in Podcasting A discussion with podcasters who are focused on games and gaming.
Direct download: DC_gaming.mp3
Category:2007 -- posted at: 2:53pm EDT

Panel: Fancasting A discussion about podcasts which are for fans and are enhanced by the fan community.
Direct download: DC_fancasting.mp3
Category:2007 -- posted at: 2:51pm EDT

Panel: Podcasting 101 A panel discussion on the basics of Podcasting and how to tips and tricks to get you started.
Direct download: DC_dragon_pod101.mp3
Category:2007 -- posted at: 2:48pm EDT

Show: Dr. Floyd - LIVE! The Adventures of Dr. Floyd come to Dragon*Con LIVE in 2007!
Direct download: DC_dr_floyd.mp3
Category:2007 -- posted at: 2:46pm EDT

Panel: Use of Creative Commons and Issues A roundtable panel about the issues and legal situation when using Creative Commons.
Direct download: DC_creativecommons.mp3
Category:2007 -- posted at: 2:45pm EDT

Panel: Podcasting in the Cassroom A round table panel with teachers about how they use podcasting in the classroom and how you CAN use it to enhance learning.
Direct download: DC_classroom.mp3
Category:2007 -- posted at: 2:42pm EDT

Show: Astronomy Cast LIVE! Astronomy Cast LIVE with Dr. Pamela Gay and Kevin Graser at Dragon*Con 2007!
Direct download: DC_astronomy_cast.mp3
Category:2007 -- posted at: 2:41pm EDT

Show: Aliens You Will Meet - LIVE! Aliens you will meet comes live to Dragon*Con in 2007! Too bad you can't see the cool puppets in the audio! :)
Direct download: DC_AliensYouWillMeet.mp3
Category:2007 -- posted at: 2:39pm EDT

Show: Podcast 411 - LIVE At Dragon*Con 2007 Rob is LIVE at Dragon*Con 2007 with George Hrab and Brother Love.
Direct download: DC_411_Live.mp3
Category:2007 -- posted at: 2:29pm EDT