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Dragon*Con Podcasting 2009 - Panel 23 - Dealing With Social Media Overload

Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Flickr - Are we still creating content or just floating along on the stream? Discuss the pros and cons of social networking as it pertains to podcasting.

Direct download: DC09_-_23_Dealing_With_Social_Media_Overload.mp3
Category:2009 -- posted at: 9:12am EDT

Dragon*Con Podcasting 2009 - Panel 22 - Podcasting Your Music

Join popular musicians and music podcasters for a discussion about using podcasting to share your music with the world.

Direct download: DC09_-_22_Podcasting_Your_Music.mp3
Category:2009 -- posted at: 9:02am EDT

Dragon*Con Podcasting 2009 - Panel 21 - Brazilianisms LIVE!

Kinsey Swartz brings his international podcast, about an American living in Brazil, to Dragon*Con!

Direct download: DC09_-_21_Brazilianisms_Live.mp3
Category:2009 -- posted at: 8:50am EDT

Dragon*Con Podcasting 2009 - Panel 20 - Reality Break LIVE!

Dave Slusher brings his long-running program back to Dragon*Con with special interview guest, Keith R.A. DeCandido!

Direct download: DC09_-_20_Reality_Break_Live.mp3
Category:2009 -- posted at: 8:39am EDT

Dragon*Con Podcasting 2009 - Panel 19 - Comedy4Cast LIVE!

Clinton Alvord and special guests bring their award-winning comedy podcast stylings to Dragon*Con for the first time.

Direct download: DC09_-_19_Comedy4Cast_Live.mp3
Category:2009 -- posted at: 8:30am EDT

Dragon*Con Podcasting 2009 - Panel 18 - Galactica Quorum Frakkin' LIVE!

Join the cast of the Parsec award-winning "Galactica Quorum" as they discuss the BSG universe.

Direct download: DC09_-_18_Galactica_Quorum_Live.mp3
Category:2009 -- posted at: 8:17am EDT

Dragon*Con Podcasting 2009 - Panel 17 - Fandomania Podcast LIVE!

Join Jason and Celeste for a dose of geek entertainment brought to you by Fandomania.com.

Direct download: DC09_-_17_Fandomania_Podcast_LIVE.mp3
Category:2009 -- posted at: 8:06am EDT

Dragon*Con Podcasting 2009 - Panel 16 - I Should Be Writing LIVE!

Join Parsec award-winning author and podcaster Mur Lafferty for her popular "ISBW" Live!

Direct download: DC09_-_16_I_Should_Be_Writing_Live.mp3
Category:2009 -- posted at: 7:42am EDT

Dragon*Con Podcasting 2009 - Panel 15 - Astronomy Cast LIVE!

Join Dr. Pamela Gay, the award winning host of "The Astronomy Cast" and her special guest, SETI's Seth Shostak.

Direct download: DC09_-_15_Astronomy_Cast_Live.mp3
Category:2009 -- posted at: 7:24am EDT

Dragon*Con Podcasting 2009 - Panel 14 - Podcasting With Puppets

Join video podcaster Brian Hogg and his cast of puppets who can rant and interview with the best of us, including the cast of Battlestar Galactica in foam form.

Direct download: DC09_-_14_Podcasting_with_Puppets.mp3
Category:2009 -- posted at: 7:12am EDT

Dragon*Con Podcasting 2009 - Panel 13 - Podcasting for Games and Gamers

For Every Game there is a Podcast. Come meet the dedicated game enthusiasts who bring their gaming passion to life through their podcasts.

Direct download: DC09_-_13_Podcasting_for_Games_and_Gamers.mp3
Category:2009 -- posted at: 6:39am EDT

Dragon*Con Podcasting 2009 - Panel 12 - What The Cast LIVE!

Brian, Crispy and Patrick (also of Dragon*Con TV) bring their chaotic and hilarious "What The Cast" back to Dragon*Con.

Direct download: DC09_-_12_What_the_Cast_Live.mp3
Category:2009 -- posted at: 6:28am EDT

Dragon*Con Podcasting 2009 - Panel 11 - Podcasting Tips For Working Writers

A discussion with authors and podcasters who have turned the art of the podcast novel into a formula for publishing success.

Direct download: DC09_-_11_Podcasting_Tips_For_Working_Writers.mp3
Category:2009 -- posted at: 6:26am EDT

Dragon*Con Podcasting 2009 - Panel 10 - The Signal - LIVE!

Join the shiniest podcasters in the 'verse, for their Parsec award winning Serenity/Firefly podcast Live!

Direct download: DC09_-_10_The_Signal_Live.mp3
Category:2009 -- posted at: 10:30pm EDT

Dragon*Con Podcasting 2009 - Panel 09 - Creative Commons and Legal Issues

Join our panel of experts in a discussion of legal issues as they pertain to the world of Podcasting, copyright and creative commons.

Direct download: DC09_-_9_Creative_Commons_and_Legal_Issues_in_Podcasting.mp3
Category:2009 -- posted at: 10:15pm EDT

Dragon*Con Podcasting 2009 - Panel 08 - Making Your Podcast Sound Better

This group of wildly diverse podcasters have the gift for making auditory masterpieces. Learn their secrets to making it all sound so good.

Category:2009 -- posted at: 10:03pm EDT

Dragon*Con Podcasting 2009 - Panel 07 - Technorama LIVE!

Give birth to your inner geek when you join the hosts of Technorama for their quirky blend of off-beat news, hackery and strange stories.

Direct download: DC09_-_7_Technorama_Live.mp3
Category:2009 -- posted at: 9:37pm EDT

Dragon*Con Podcasting 2009 - Panel 06 - The Sword and Laser - LIVE!

Veronica Belmont and Tom Merritt bring their podcast about all things Sci-Fi and Fantasy to Dragon*Con with special guest, author Timothy Zahn.

Direct download: DC09_-_6_The_Sword_and_Laser_Live.mp3
Category:2009 -- posted at: 9:21pm EDT

Dragon*Con Podcasting 2009 - Panel 05 - What The Frell! ScapeCast Live!

"The 'ScapeCast", a fan favorite podcast focused on FarScape and its universe, perform their award winning show live at Dragon*Con.

Direct download: DC09_-_5_The_Scapecast_Live.mp3
Category:2009 -- posted at: 9:10pm EDT

Dragon*Con Podcasting 2009 - Panel 04 - Books and Ideas Podcast - Live!

Ginger Campbell, MD interviews NASA's Les Johnson about his upcoming book "Paradise Regained". Can space travel save planet earth?

Direct download: DC09_-_4_Books_and_Ideas_Podcast_Live.mp3
Category:2009 -- posted at: 8:55pm EDT

Dragon*Con Podcasting 2009 - Panel 03 - Creating Dragon*Con TV

Join the folks who write and produce Dragon*Con TV- now a popular video podcast. You watched, you laughed, you relate - now come see how they do it.

Direct download: DC09_-_3_Creating_Dragon_Con_TV.mp3
Category:2009 -- posted at: 8:44pm EDT

Dragon*Con Podcasting 2009 - Panel 02 - The Life And Times Of Podcast Novels

How the podcast novel has evolved over the past five years, and the continued benefits of podcasting to promote your writing.

Direct download: DC09_-_2_The_Life_and_Times_of_Podcast_Novels.mp3
Category:2009 -- posted at: 8:29pm EDT

Dragon*Con Podcasting 2009 - Panel 01 - Podcasting Kick Off!

Join some of your favorite podcasters as we take the temperature of the Podcasting world, and talk about some of our best moments of the past year.

Direct download: DC09_-_1_Podcasting_Kickoff.mp3
Category:2009 -- posted at: 8:15pm EDT